Seeking Input on Solid Surface Shower Pans

16 days ago

Hi all,

We've been searching high and low for 60" x 42" solid surface shower bases and have basically narrowed our decision down to three (plus a semi-unknown Diamond Core):

  1. Corian -
  2. Denyx -
  3. Swanstone -
  4. Diamond Core -

Corian is obviously the grand-daddy of solid surface and the price premium is definitely built into that. Denyx seems to sound like the "generic" version of Onyx and is only ever so slightly cheaper than that and Corian. Has anyone had experience with Denyx solid surface and more importantly with Maryland Custom Marble?

Lastly, can anyone share experience or info regarding Diamond Core? I just cannot seem to find any reviews and actual details about that line other than from the Custom Shower Bases website. The pricing is very appealing but I'm hesitant to jump on it without more experience-based info.


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