Putting Together a "TV/Guest Room/Office" Space

3 months ago
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Yes, it is that multi-purpose! :)

We have a daybed in this room because it's used as a bedroom pretty frequently, but we wanted the functionality of a sofa where we can sit and watch the TV that'll be getting put against the wall that's currently empty in the photo I'm posting.

Please ignore the huge variety of pillows and blankets! I'm testing them and trying to find a sweet spot where we'll be comfortable leaning against them, as well as working out a color scheme. Those huge white pillows will be going.

The painting that's currently sitting on the daybed will be getting put up over it, and I'm thinking we'll add sconces to either side of it as well (any ideas as to what will look best there would be great!).

The main thing I'm trying to narrow down, is the coffee table setup. Part of me wants an ottoman (or maybe two small ones?) that we can use to prop up our feet, and also place a tray upon to use as a solid surface. And another part of me wants something acrylic/translucent/interesting... I just don't know which direction to go with it.

The room is small, and is captured in its entirety in this photo. Again, left side is where the TV will be placed on a narrow stand.

Oh, and I realize there's quite a mix of styles going on here - this is so in every room of our home, and we like that look, so it's a non-issue for us. We aren't trying to fit into a design box; it's all a mix of antiques/traditional, transitional, nomad/boho, eclectic... or maybe it's just a mess to anyone with a trained eye. I don't know, but it's what we like. :)

Again, mainly looking for coffee table ideas.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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