Bush beauty & fast repeat & heat and drought tolerant?

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9 days ago
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Among my 134 fragrant roses, my #1 vote for bush beauty is below 10-year-own-root Blue Mist (nice wafting scent):

Below fast repeat is 7th-year-own-root Munstead Wood in 6 hrs. of sun:

Below 7th-year-own-root Dee-lish after days of heat at 93 F full sun. Pic. taken 6/5/21. Still looking good.

Below 6th-year-own-root Betty White gets my vote as fast repeat. It opens bloom one at a time, so the gap between flushes is short. Does best in hot sun, own-root is very deep & long (like Dr.Huey) so it's drought-tolerant.

Below Bush Beauty and Fast Repeat goes to 10th-year-own-root Evelyn. It opens bloom one at a time, and the leaves are glossy & pretty:

11th-year-own-root W.S. 2000 has both bush beauty and fast-repeat & better scent & bigger blooms than Munstead Wood. Below W.S. 2000 is in 4 hours of morning sun. It's a water-hog & loves acidic rain and not drought-tolerant.

Below 11th-year-own-root Pat Austin has bush beauty & fast repeat in 4 hours of sun. Another water-hog that fries in hot sun:

What are your roses with bush beauty? What are your roses with fast-repeat? What are your heat & drought tolerant roses? Thanks.

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