Help! I want a mid-century modern feel office, but I have limitations

Suzy SM
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago


I desperately crave a sophisticated mid-century modern feel in my small home office.

I have found so many mid-centurymodern look bookcases, lamps, appointments, etc.

But desk and chair.... I am in trouble ...I must have a super-ergonomic chair and a desk of writing height at 23.5 to 24 inches, because I am super short, back, arms and shoulders I have to cater to.

I currently have a Herman Miller Aeron Chair in dark grey and a FlexiSpot adjustable standing desk which was the only one I could find for that height.

These two things, the desk especially complete define the room and ruin any mid-century modern feel I try to graft on.

Probably the only thing I absolutely need to keep is that model of chair, for comfort and health. But I could go with a different color if it helps. Likewise on the standing desk. Currently it is black and dark wood, yuck.

Does anyone know a mid-century look adjustable desk? I have not seen any, and it completely ruins the mid-century feel.

I actually toyed with getting a mid-century modernrepro / copycat desk and just cutting down the legs! Another idea was to have a mid-century look desk in the featured spot, with a smaller adjustable desk on the side, with the computer.

If it's not possible to get a mid-century modern look because of the desk and chair limitations what style or look might have a similar vibe or attitude? Any ideas from the mid-centurymodern mavens out there is greatly appreciated.

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