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Discontinued Tile - Help!

David R
last year

Hi, I'm in Southern AZ. We did a tile project via a contractor, then I wanted to use the extra tile for a bit more area. I ended up 2 tiles short - really frustrating. We didn't realize the tile we bought in 2019 was already discontinued 2 years prior! We got it from Floor&Decor. I have searched the net high and low trying to find just one more box of it. It was sold by Floor&Decor as La Rocca Holland Beige 18x18 Ceramic. We've hit every tile store we can find, searched every major classifieds across the nation. Cannot find it. HL10 1818HF1P5 shade 78008 Floor&Decor #100382704. Any suggestions on this other than just ripping everything out and starting over? Thanks!

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