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Keep arched/half circle windows or pay more for different shape

Gigi Rosa
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I am in the early process of remodeling my 1987 home. I need to replace my windows and front and garage doors. Then select paint colors for the house, and decide whether to paint or get new roof tiles, buy a new garage door, etc. Then I need to redo the landscaping, but will start in the front yard. I am having a company comIng by today to remove my dead trees and trim the healthy ones.

I am trying to get away from the current “fan” design on my LARGE front and 2 smaller garage windows. I was thinking about changing them to a grid design. I have gotten quotes and ideas from some window companies. But I just found out that one of my neighbors, who had an arched bay window design, found a company to change the shape of the window to a square/rectangle windows. Of course, it will cost more money, but I think it might be worth it to change my window shape. But my house facade is different than hers because I only have one LARGE arched window. So I’m not sure if one large rectangle window will look good on my house.

I am in desperate need of advice, because these windows will have a large influence in my choosing the style of my front door, garage door, the color of my exterior house paint, landscaping, or roof tile choices, etc.

Should I keep my arched windows and just change them to a grid design? Or should I change the window shape and what shape to select? I would love any design advice in general including the house paint color, the landscaping design, and what color to paint or to change the tiles to.

The windows on the side of my house:

My neighbor’s arched bay windows before:

My neighbor’s square windows after:

Regular and very common fan window design:

Arched windows without any grids:

As of right now the windows will be in bronze. The options include just a picture window or a picture window over sliders.

i don't think my window would look good with just an open picture window like below:

This is the window shape that I think might look good, but I want it without the thick trim/border.:

These are the exterior house paint colors that I keep gravitating towards.

i would like to add outside decorative window shutters too,


i would like to make my door taller by removing the half circle window above my door and put in a metal or wrought iron door.

I know it’s a lot, and some of my “wants” may not go together and/or won’t look good, so I appreciate any feedback in advance. Even though I can‘t do everything at once, I will have a plan.

Thank you!

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