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Please help me find a wood vanity for this vintage/boho/spa bathroom!

2 years ago

We are doing a full remodel of our small master bathroom. I'm going for a sort of vintage/boho/spa-like feel.

It will look a little bit like this photo, with a subway tile shower (no bathtub) and black-and-white octagon-and-dot flooring. I'm planning to add some wood elements to warm up the space (a wood vanity, teak shower bench, and wood floating shelves above the toilet).

I'd like to find a 30" to 36" light-to-medium-tone wood vanity with legs. Ideally, I'd love one with a slatted shelf at the bottom, but I'm not finding anything. I ordered this one online because it got good reviews, but when it arrived, it was much, much darker than in the photos and way more distressed-looking and just not pretty.

I have looked through so many websites and in-person stores, and I'm just not finding a vanity that feels like "the one." And I'm honestly nervous to order something else online without being able to see it in person because I'm scared it might end up being ugly or poor quality. If you've recently purchased a wood vanity online that you still liked when it arrived, can you let me know which one it was?

Another question: Would you go more rustic/spa-like with the vanity (like the one I originally ordered above), or would you go more old-fashioned/vintagey (like the one below)?

Thank you!

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