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Loba 2K Supra AT for Tasmanian Oak

2 years ago

Hi, I’ve recently purchased a property and am currently looking to sand and refinish my old wooden floor. It is in a good condition with no problems with floorboards, just a bit of dark water damage marks in and around laundry room which I’m not too fussed with as long as it’s toned down.

The old floor is glossy reddish brown and I wanted to change it to a lighter colour in satin - I originally wanted it in matte but that doesn’t sound like a good idea after reading up some of the floor professionals’ advice here. I’m told it’s Tasmanian Oak and it’s quite common here in Australia. It’s my first time owning a home with hardwood flooring so I have zero idea about sanding and polishing/refinishing and maintenance.

I gather that Loba is easier to work with compared to Bona Traffic HD. I found a floor sander who only does Loba products and am in the process of getting quotes. I just wondered what sort of products or applications would the experts recommend. I’ve come across for example, Loba WS EasyPrime and then one or two coats of Loba 2K Supra AT Gloss and then Loba 2K Supra AT Satin.

Would that be something that could be used to achieve the lighter coloured floor in the photos? We just wanted something lighter although my wife doesn’t want it too white. I’m getting quotes on lime washing and whitewashing (mixing watered down paints (?) in each coat of Loba (currently finding out specific products). I also wonder about its durability and effect in the long term - limewashing needs a touch up every 5-7 years and whitewashing lasts 20 years?? Just something that I briefly came across online. My wife is also a bit reluctant about the hazy milky look on the top coating of these applications but would satin finish help make it a bit more natural?

I’ve attached some photos of our current floor and what we want to achieve for your reference - 2 of the photos have bare timber. Thanks for your help in advance.

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