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First Blooms in the South Okanagan

The roses are just starting to bloom here in the past few days. Here are a few blooms from this afternoon. As y'all know, I grow mainly old favorite English Roses.

The rare early English Rose; Allux Symphony. The colour is not quite true in the image, it is actually a very bright yellow without the slight gold tones in the image. Lovely, quartered and gorgeous.

Wenlock, I really like this rose, though it doesn't seem to be popular, very fragrant, repeats well and doesn't crisp in hot sun. This one is a good old workhorse, vigorous, not fussy, easy to root, no prima donna here.

Crown Princesse Margarita: a nice medium climber in my climate. Vigorous and easy to train.

Darcy Bussell, first to bloom, large quartered flowers and lots of them.

Cheers, Rick

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