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Trim dilemma for doors/windows/baseboards + to shoe mold or not to :)

last year

I've moved from a very traditional area just 2 hours away to a college town and have gutted a small 1-story house, including vaulting the ceilings in the living areas (LR/DR/kitchen). My kids and I will live in the house once it's done.

Since I'm new to the area, I'm using the attached picture for inspo - it's a nearby house that sold recently. What do you think about the trim used for windows/doors/baseboards? Do you recommend this or something else? Should there be a little more detail, and is it harder to keep square-edged base clean vs. one with curved trim?

Also, the age-old question: to shoe mold or not to shoe mold? The foundation has been a problem and with settling from adding many piers I'm thinking shoe mold is necessary. Plus, I'm so used to traditional homes that I think it looks naked even for a modern vibe.

The house will be painted all white (remember, it's small), then I will add color and texture with the furnishings. Modern jewelbox (well-laid out, artfully decorated) is the goal.

Appreciate any thoughts and recos. Thank you!

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