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HELP! Exterior Paint Refresh Ideas, Please?

J. C.
last year

I'm the owner of a 1950-built ranch house. This poor little, lovely home is in W.I.P. purgatory while undergoing a lot of renovations, but it's much nicer than it appears currently.
I want to update and make it my own by enhancing the midcentury aspect and toning down the 'this ol' country house' (there's even cowboy details snuck here and there outside -- admittedly it's not overwhelming, but NEED to go someday) without taking away it's own, unique charm (e.g. think either 'Contemporary Grandma', or à la Christine McConnell -- sans the Halloween-macabre underlying themes she's prone to).
One of the MANY projects required is an exterior paint refresh. The 1st two color pallet image examples are already quite similar to what exists, but I still am uncertain how to pull it off. I've also been flirting with the idea of monochromatic black shades with pops of other textures, e.g. amber wood trim, brick, etc. that I've seen countless, beautiful examples of older homes that inhabit San Diego's top historic areas (neighborhoods like North&South Park, University Heights, etc. The two black exterior image examples included aren't from the aforementioned locations, they're just random internet results that mildly demostrate what I mean). However, I feel like the latter probably isn't practical in this instance. I'm bias towards dark, moody colors and Art Nouveau&Deco/alcohol prohibition period design that contrast&highlight it's surrounding vegetation/nature; I don't trust myself pulling this off successfully on a midcentury/slightly post war structure. If it could work, though -- that be great (oh, to dream!).
Lastly, a few side notes:
1.) I want to tear off the fake-shutters. I feel like fake-shutters are like fake trouser-pockets and question its very existence in the 1st place. Would subtracting them ruin this home's charm, though? There's only 3 window areas that have it, and it's what's visible in 1st image of my home. Like, if it would ruin the overall appearance -- I'd almost rather just install some real, FUNCTIONING shutters than those silly, decorative type.
(I've ranted far too much about my passionate disdain for decorative-shutters. I digress...!)
2.) I intend to eventually replace the garage door with something along the same vein as my image example displayed. I'm sharing to keep in mind what the trim in the future will be adorning.
Any and all suggestions, input, etc. are warmly welcomed. To anyone who actually read this post to its entirety: Thank you for taking the time!

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