Which way to blow my ceiling fan in a split level house

I know that that rule of thumb for a ceiling fan is counterclockwise in the summer, clockwise in the winter. But this is an odd situation.

I'm in a split level home, roughly 700 sq.ft per level. The heat pump is in the basement, which is the coolest part of the house. But I've converted 2 of the 3 upstairs bedrooms to home offices, and that tends to be the hottest part of the house! But we spend 8-12 hours in these offices, then 8-9 hours in the upstairs bedroom.

In my upstairs office and the bedroom, I have the ceiling fans blowing counterclockwise. But my girlfriend's office doesn't have a ceiling fan, the attic access is in the way so she doesn't have anything but a single vent :-(

How should I set the ceiling fan in the living room to make the upstairs cooler? Am I right in thinking that, if I blow the living room ceiling fan counterclockwise, then it would suck cold air from the upstairs and make them hotter?

Here's the living room from the upstairs. The ceiling fan is roughly even with the top of the banister. And please ignore the towel and gate, I'm dealing with an elderly dog :-(

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