Bedrosians Cloe tile with cherry cabinets & black countertops?

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

We are thinking of changing the backsplash in our recently bought home in order to modernize the kitchen, and I fell in love with the white Bedrosians Cloe tile (probably in the square shape). The problem is, I’m not sure how well it would fit with the current kitchen, which has cherry cabinets & a black quartz countertop. I’m afraid white tile would offer too much contrast, even though the Cloe tile has colour variations that go from light gray to cream so it’s not as stark.

We want to preserve the original wood and are not considering repainting the cabinets at the moment, so I have to work around what we have. We already changed the light fixtures, painted surrounding walls Simply White & changed the cabinet pulls to more modern shape.

Below are some renderings that I made on a website, showing the colour of our cabinets, floor, counters and current backsplash (small dark, warm-toned mosaic tiles), in order to compare with a white backsplash. Last photo is a small shot of our actual kitchen! It’s not open plan but a galley one though, with shaker style cabinets.

What do you think, can we make the white Cloe tile work given the kitchen colours we have to work with? I was thinking of using a pale or medium gray grout instead of white to tie in with the counters more, but I don’t like grout that is too contrasting with the tiles. Help :)

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