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two story living room vs vaulted living room

3 years ago

We’re in the process of building a new home and our vision for this house was to have a two story living room. We love the idea of all the light pouring in and the fact that it makes the room feel larger and grander. We also would get amazing sunset views from that room. However, we’re beginning to second guess our decision to do this. My architect was never really a fan of it from the beginning and our interior designer said she also personally prefers the look and feel of a vaulted living room. Besides worrying about regulating the heat and air, we’re worried about the overall feel of the room. Will it lose its coziness/ comfort factor with 20ft ceilings? The ceiling height throughout the rest of the house will be 9ft. I’ve attached our 1st floor plans to give you a better idea of the setup.

Those of you that have two story living rooms what are your thoughts. Pros vs cons?

The builder said he could do a vaulted with a two story feel (pictured below is his sample).

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