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Adding 1300sf addition + garage. How would you connect it?

last year
last modified: last year

Hello, we are building a one story (on a slab) mother in law addition onto our house. The plan is to add a garage to the right of the existing garage and built out from there. Just not completely sure if we want to build to the right or if we want to build straight back. If the garage fronts should line up or if hers could be set back a bit. If we build straight back from her garage we kind of close in our shared backyard space. If we build to the side, her home will run into the neighborhood's prized grapevine. We're thinking maybe an L shape configuration would open up the shared backyard space but it doesn't exactly help with the grapevine situation. The goal is to make the addition look seamless and not like an add-on. I appreciate your thoughts.

Edited to add - the trees close the house in the aerial view are no longer there.

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