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What kind of wall art should I put on this big wall?

3 years ago

We're building a house that will be done in September. (Originally it was supposed to be June/July, lol.) The large living room has a big wall, and I'd like to start my decorating plan by choosing some wall art that I love and then building the rest of the color scheme around that. I've read over and over that people usually choose too-small wall art, but when I look at the space, I'm not sure what I should put in this space.

The photos below are from a virtual tour of an older version of this house, but the living room is basically identical.

Here's the furniture layout we're planning, though it's still up in the air since we don't own any of this furniture yet.

This photo below shows the room "upside down" from the floor plan above. Note that the window wall is on the left in the floor plan but it's on the right in this photo below.

And here it is with the furniture marked out (ish).

The main place I'm thinking about for wall art is the 12'5" space between the two doorways. They're 8' doors, so the space is bigger than it looks at first glance.

My first idea was to put one big piece of art between the two doors. But that would need to be 8x4 feet, and looking around online I haven't seen much wall art in that size. Also, maybe that would look weird above the console table or whatever piece of furniture we put along that wall?

Another option is some sort of matching set of art in the big wide space. But if we do that, will it look weird with the console table or whatever? Also, should we add more matching art on the outer walls (indicated by the arrows below)? Or would that be too matchy-matchy? The same question applies with the 8x4' option: should I just put some other art with a similar color scheme? Isn't it going to be hard to find art with a similar color scheme?

If it matters, I like non-abstract painted landscapes, though the occasional abstract art is okay. I'm leaning towards and ocean theme right now because I want blue to be a primary component and I just like it in general.

So let's say I put one of those sets of three ocean pics in the big space. I feel like it would look weird to have some other artist's ocean pic in the far-right or far-left position. Should I pick art of some completely different medium that still fits with the color scheme?

I just don't know where to start here, but I want to have an idea in mind so I can choose some art and then have that guide the rest of my color/decorating decisions.

With the space we have, what do you think is the best arrangement of art? How big should it be? Should I leave more space around/between the art?

Thank you!

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