Transfer of utilities for a house sale

3 months ago

I now have a contract on selling my house, and was wondering how does the transfer of utilities work. I assume that the outstanding bills (if any) on the existing utilities (power, gas, water) will be settled at closing by the attorneys present. What about cable or internet? Should I transfer my current service to the new owner, or let him get his own? I assume that a new customer will get a better deal. In our area, what's available is cable (TV, internet, and/or phone) or Fios (internet only). My house is currently supplied with cable and Fios, but I only subscribe to the cable internet. I also had Direct TV, but recently terminated that contract and returned the hardware (but not the dish or the inside wiring). The new owner wants the internet to be active when he takes possession, because there is no cellular signal there. I'm not concerned with a few days overlap.

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