Digital alarm clock problem

4 months ago

I have a Sharp digital alarm clock. The model is SPC051.

Recently, rather than show me the actual time, it shows me the time I've set for the alarm.

Sometimes it flickers back and forth between the actual time and alarm time.

The alarm can use either batteries or electricity. I use the latter.

Just for fun, if I wanted to try to repair it myself what would I need to look for after opening it? I'm hoping someone who knows electronics might give me some suggestions.

Like I said, this is just for fun. I just want to poke around with it.

This is the manual:

Two days ago I opened up the alarm clock.

I then cleaned the inside with a 1:1 mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. This is all I had.

I then waited a night for it to dry out.

Then yesterday I screwed the clock back together.

It's slightly better. But the problem came back. It will show me the time, then show me the alarm time (7:00am) before switching back to show me the time.

Below are photos:

When it's opened up:

Here it's showing me the time:

Then it, after a few seconds or minutes, it will suddenly show me the time I've set for the alarm:

I wonder what could be the problem. All the wires appear well connected.

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