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Please help with creamy white exterior paint plan and limewashed brick

last year
last modified: last year

Hi everyone,

I am in the PNW and my house feels drab. I am planning to paint my house a creamy white to brighten it up. I also decided on limewashing the brick with Romabio Avorio White.

Can you tell me which white would go best with the Romabio? I am not able to sample the paints along with the Romabio as it is on order and the painter needs my colors this week!

I narrowed down the paints to Sherwin Williams White Duck or Shoji at the moment. I also sampled Alabaster, but felt it was too bright.

I am also struggling with the trim. I was thinking bright white trim, like BM Chantilly Lace, but am open to other suggestions because I am not sure what to do on the garage door.

Oh also, we have white vinyl windows, so the window grill colors cannot be changed, only the trim around it.

I have a super tall garage that is the first thing you see from the street. Not sure if it will just be blinding white with my color scheme?

This is a pic of my house, taken from the street view.

Thank you for any advice and suggestions!!

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