Going In Circles for New Build Range Options: Lacanche, Wolf, Monogram

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Hello everyone! My husband and I are embarking on a new build and are lucky to be able to consider some very nice appliances for our kitchen. However, I feel as I'm going in circles as I try to weigh our needs and various options and would be happy for some outside opinions.

We both cook quite a bit, but very differently - I'm a vegetarian and he's nearly a strict carnivore. We do like to host and expect that we will have lots of opportunity to do so (family is already asking if the house will be ready for Christmas!) so the proverbial turkey is actually relevant. I think we will need two full size ovens. I'll also be the first to admit that aesthetics are pretty important to me when it comes to this kitchen, and while my husband and I have similar taste (or at least he understands and is ok with what I like) I'm much more concerned about looks than he is. And I'm just not into the stainless industrial look. On the other hand, he's quite interested in "smart" appliances and tech solutions for making life easier, while I'm more skeptical that any oven tech we invest in today is going to be worthwhile over the long haul.

Maybe rather predictably I am interested in Lacanche for its good looks, solid reputation, and the customization of the cooktop. If we went this route I think an induction hob would be a must for both of us for its time saving abilities. In a further effort to bridge the gap between my husband and me, I've pared my plan back from a Sully (with 2 large ovens) to something more like a Savigny or Chambertin, with plans to find room in the kitchen for a more hi-tech single wall oven like Wolf M Series or Monogram. My husband is pretty happy with this idea.

But as we get nearer to having to make a final decision I'm getting worried that I'm being too superficial. If one high tech oven is good, why wouldn't two be better? Or maybe it's more aesthetically pleasing to have coordinating stainless appliances from a brand that seems to want to balance the modern and classic look like Monogram, rather than trying to mix bit of everything (or maybe I am really just a sucker for a little bit of brass and I should get that fix another way?) But what about the induction hob? Thermador??

Help! Thank you very much for any thoughts you might have. (But before you ask, yes, we've looked into Blue Star, and no, it's not for us!)

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