Help identifying closet system used for walk in closets

Joe Blow
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I am in a new home. I am trying to add more shelves to the closet systems they built in to the closets through the house. The builder would not provide me with the manufacturer or any information (about this or any other finishes). I was told that they use something from the hardware store. I tried both the Home Depot and Lowes brands that looked closest to what I have in my house. They fit, but the colors are not correct, the finish is different, and the way the shelves mount are different. Both the Lowes and HD add on shelves seem to be the same manufacturer, just different colors. It looks like I mostly have 35"x14" and 24"x14" shelves.

Since the system appears to be the same in all rooms, I would really like to figure out what closet system this is so I can buy matching shelves or other addons.

There are no labels or markers marks I can find. I am relatively sure they are MDF and not solid wood. The only thing I found was on the drawer slides those are marked “Hardware Resources”. It looks like Hardware Resources only makes hardware and not shelves.

I am attaching a photo below, but here are the distinguishing thing I’ve noted:

- The hanging rods are ovular / rectangular with rounded off corners

- The shelves mount to the box using these inset connectors which lock them in place, not simple pegs

- Along the wall they installed a rail to the wall; a little box with a metal hook on the back sits on the bar and is connected to the closet system

Photo of drawers:

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