Does this kitchen need a second sink?

4 months ago

I think I finally have my kitchen design after numerous configurations. I really wanted the cooktop where the sink is because I prefer to pivot from prep to cooking but I couldn't make it work without putting the clean up sink in the island and that's a non starter for me. I'm hoping I can happily prep in the 4 foot space facing the cooktop while the rest of the island is used for quick meals/salad prep etc. The only concern I have now is whether I'll miss having a second sink. My gut tells me it won't be useful in this layout and it will make the island too busy. I toyed with an L shaped island (also pictured below) but we'll probably sell the house in 10 years and I'm not sure if I should be concerned about resale...trying not to make this kitchen too quirky. It's just the two of us...we see family at the beach. Any feedback regarding two sinks or the layout in general is really appreciated. I need to be done with this! Thanks!

Here's the L-shaped island layout

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