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What colour should this wall be?

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I am creating an art deco room with Benjamin Moore's "Aruba Blue" in high gloss on ceiling and walls and their "Hidden Sapphire" on the floor with gold mica flecks and a high build epoxy over top (so high gloss all the way around). We're doing this ourselves and I'm stuck on the main wall colour (feature wall, I guess!). Photo included (pre-epoxy and pre-additional floor features mentioned below).

I'd like to warm up the space with a red coral or orange but not sure if it's too contrast-y. Originally, I wanted it to feel more New York or Chicago art deco, but with the Aruba Blue, I think I may have taken a hard turn to Miami art deco. 😄 So any suggestions either way is fine - just want it to feel more on the sophisticated and indulgent side even though the Aruba Blue is so intense.

Is there a warm color that will work with the art deco period and/or the Aruba Blue/Hidden Sapphire combo? (No whites, please.)

Colours I'm considering

I was looking at Canadian Tire's Premiere Paint "Precious Coral" since it's the same value and opposite the Aruba Blue on the colour wheel (roughly) but wondering if it would compete too much.I'm not afraid of bold, but want it to all tie together. Other colours I'm considering are Canadian Tire Premiere Paint's "Coral Reef" or "Tropical Papaya" or even "Orange Ice" (if I need to go light). Open to other colours, though, as long as it's warm.

More details if needed

To give more of an idea about the space (in case it's helpful), we'll be building a counter in front of the wall (it will be attached to the front of the pony wall) and we will be building a DIY vintage-looking lighting feature across the entire top of the wall in an antique brass or gold color. It'll be somewhat like a bar except that we don't drink 😄


All of our hardware and accents I've painted in antique brass, including a stepped stripe pattern on the floor leading from the door to the counter, and some art nouveau lettering I painted on the floor that says "Indulge" in the entry to the room.

Light Sources
I'm hoping to get lighting in about 3000k (give or take 500) and there's a giant window directly opposite the wall with northwest light.

Hopefully that's enough info, but let me know if you need more (and thank you for helping in this dilemma :)!

P.S. Maybe the colour in the closet would work - see picture Not my fave; was going to paint over it, but open to feedback.

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