Transition from Kitchen to Mudroom

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Can anyone help with my transition from kitchen to mudroom? The current plan includes two 30" wide by 24" deep pantry cabinets along the wall. It's just feeling a bit random to me and I'm nervous about the zig zag feel when trying to get to the laundry room with big baskets.

My ideas are:

1. 15" depth cabinets instead of 24" depth

2. Continue the kitchen cabinets further down the wall (where I have the blue "P") and put a 32" pocket door at the end (marked in red). That way when you walk in from the garage, you are in the mudroom and not the kitchen. Contractor is worried 32" will feel tight. I could do a 36" door, but it would have to swing.

(FYI- I'm making other changes to the kitchen design, but they haven't been added in yet. Feel free to add any suggestions!)

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