Historical Home Window Battle

Douglas Laing
last month

I live in a historical district in Tampa, Florida. My home is on the historical registry. As of this moment, it has vinyl siding over the original, rotten wood slats. We wanted Hardiboard, but are not allowed. We are supposed to replace only the damaged wood - which will essentially be all of it, as it's all dry rot and termite eaten.

The real battle is the windows. Our builder originally ordered vinyl windows but he is not allowed to put them in. The city wants wood interior windows with impact glass. CRAZY, that they care about the interior. They haven't even seen the inside of my house. Right now it has aluminum frame windows throughout. Of course, there are many historical homes in the area with vinyl windows and Hardiboard siding, but they don't care about them when we bring them up.

So our builder brought us over 2 samples - Weathershield Premium and Windsor Pinnacle. They were charging us $30k for 20 vinyl windows. I am told these wood/aluminum windows will cost more. Let me get your opinions please.

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