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dishwashing liquid/dish soap

emma darling
2 years ago

Another example of fixing something that aint broke.

For years and years I used Palmolive ultra strength dishwashing liquid (green bottle). Then they changed the scent, and I just cant stand it. It must be flowery (I don't mind lemon or something like that, but I hate floral scents.) I discovered that they made a Pure and Clear which had no scent and worked just as well, so I was happy for a few years. Now they have changed that! I thought that there was something wrong with the bottle I bought (the graphics changed a little, but I didn't think anything of it) because I had to use at least twice as much to get my dishes clean and I hated the thin feel of the soap. I spoke to customer service who said that they changed the formula. My supermarket still had a few of the small bottles in the old formula so I snapped those up, but I'm about to finish them, and I don't have a replacement. Can anyone recommend a dishwashing liquid that is preferably unscented but could have a fresh smell (nothing floral, please) that is not thin and runny?

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