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I think I may have mentioned a million times how my sister works on television and movies. :) I watched all of Firefly Lane and couldn't find her (she did 5 episodes). The background actors were blurred out too much... grrr I've found her in a few episodes of Once Upon A Time and she got me watching Bates Hotel which I tried once or twice before but couldn't get into the first episode. Well, now I'm on season 3 and it's only been 4 days.... It *does* get better as you keep watching.

What I really enjoy about watching some shows is recognizing a lot of the scenery. This show (as well as Once Upon A Time) was filmed mostly in the "Vancouver" area. Mainly Steveston which is a fishing village south of Vancouver. I've been there many times. There is a historical area next to Steveston that has a huge boat shed thingie that I've been in and taken pictures of, and Bates Hotel has a lot of scenes filmed inside of it. Last night, Norma Bates went into a restaurant and I remember eating in that restaurant in Horseshoe Bay (my picture): my absolute favourite area and I wish I could live there.... Then she went to Deep Cove and I'm like: "the *real* Deep Cove? And sure enough they filmed a few scenes here: Deep Cove (my picture!)

I like to play "Where's Waldo", or in my sisters case: Where's Monique. But it's hard to catch her walking through a scene or enjoying a drink or meal in the background of a scene in a restaurant. But I caught her good yesterday. Even if you don't have Facebook, you can see my little clip of her walking down the sidewalk in this scene. Now to keep watching the series to see if I can find her again.

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