Low Voltage Wiring - Attic vs Closet for Termination/Distribution?

4 months ago

We will likely have our fuse panel in our laundry room.

Likewise I've asked for a shelf in the broom closet of the laundry room for terminating our CAT5 drops and the fiber from the street. We'll ensure there's a power outlet on the same shelf.

I'm a little old school and appreciate pulling TV signals off the air (OTA) and distributing from a single antenna to several rooms throughout the house via RG6 coax and a spitter (and amp if needed). Think old-school cable TV distribution.

I was originally thinking of mounting the antenna off the soffit (hopefully high enough, metal roof too steep/slippery for me) and bringing it into the attic space and from there putting in a good splitter and maybe an amp as needed.

Question: Is it worth putting the RG6 distribution into the same broom closet w/ the network distribution?

The attic space will be foam insulated at roof and thus virtually climate controlled and probably have shorter RF cable runs from up there to each rm.


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