Growing media recommendations for blueberries in containers

5 months ago


My wife bought me a couple of blueberry bushes as a gift. She thought it was funny that my first ever paid job when I was 10 years old was at a friend of the family's blueberry farm. I mostly just picked blueberries to fill pints and laid some mulch. I didn't pay much attention to how to grow them.

She bought me two varieties. One of the newer varieties hybridized for containers and a northern high bush called Reka. I'm not sure if those two will pollinate each other but I can always add another one next year. I have a 40 gallon grow bag (smart pot) for the high bush and an 18 inch container for the smaller container variety.

There's seems to be a lot of conflicting advice online and even amongst agricultural extension offices at universities around the country. Some recommend a 50% peat/50% potting soil, some recommend 100% peat, some recommend 1/3 potting soil for acid loving plants like azaleas, 1/3 peat, 1/3 pine bark, some recommend 2/3 peat, 1/3 shredded bark and another recommends any good quality potting soil with a soil acidifier and an acidic fertilizer mixed in at time of planting. Some people have success with the high peat growing media and other say it killed their plants due to the peat compacting and suffocating the roots. Some people say don't use a potting mix for various reasons.

I'm looking for some guidance here. I'm thinking of using 50% peat/50% potting mix with a soil acidifier added to the potting mix. I'll mulch with mini pine bark nuggets. My concern is if this will be acidic enough or maybe too acidic. Please share your experience with growing blueberries in containers and the growing media that was used. Any other suggestions are appreciated too. Thank you!

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