Saying goodbye to one of our own

4 months ago
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Any of you with a long history on the Antique Roses Forum will remember Luanne Wilson, known here as the enabler extraordinaire. Some of you may remember her simply as "LA". She loved roses, especially Teas in subtle colors, but really, any roses. She could out-wheedle a snake oil salesman when she was talking you into planting a rose she thought would bring you joy.

She hasn't been on this forum for, oh I'd guess about ten years now. She had Parkinson's disease, and had had it for a very long time. Eventually the pixelations of the computer screen became too much for her vision so she had to give all that up. Luanne lived near the Annie's Annuals Nursery in Richmond and I was making a trip up there today. I hadn't seen Luanne in well over a year, because you know, Covid. You don't visit someone in poor health during a pandemic in case you bring them something they don't want. She didn't do well on the phone anymore either so other than sending her a Christmas card, we had not communicated in a long time. I called ahead to make sure it was okay to visit. Her husband Norm answered the phone, and he told me she had died of her long illness on November 9. He was just too broken up over it to let people know. Norm absolutely adored her. This note is to tell any who remember Luanne what has happened.

Back in the early days of the Antique Roses forum there was a group of four of us that Cindi Ard from Texas called the California Girls because we were all good friends. We lost Carol Markell a few years ago, and now Luanne, so now there is just Mendocino Rose and me of the original quartet. Even though we didn't get together very often anymore (Luanne lived a good 60 miles from me), I will miss having her in my life.

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