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Miele W1 washer TwinDos "burn"??

Jim Daniels
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I just put a load of laundry in my W1, and got the message to replace the TwinDos 1 cartridge. When I pulled the old one out, I noticed some moisture on it. It was clear liquid (not blue), and thin. I thought it was just water, so I grabbed a couple of big fistfuls of paper towels and stuck them in the slot. All the liquid was clear, and about 12 paper towels soaked it all up (maybe around 1/2 cup of liquid). Then I noticed my hand was turning white and beginning to sting some (see the photo below).

(1) What happened to my hand? I'm guessing it is from the detergent in the Phase 2 cartridge? I know that contains a detergent that is somewhat like Oxyclean, so is it like a hydrogen peroxide burn? I'm shocked that any regular laundry detergent could cause this. I only ever use the Miele-brand TwinDos cartridges (the regular ones, not the sensitive skin). Like everyone else, I've handled hundreds of detergents and soaps, and used hydrogen peroxide, and I've never had anything like this.

(2) Why would there be water or detergent in there at all (I presume it could only be water and/or Phase 2 detergent)? I've never seen any kind of fluid or build up in the cartridge area before.


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