Partially recessed blinds acceptable amount extended?

Remodel Newb
4 months ago


I've been trying to figure out window treatments for a long time and keep going back and forth. Never realized it would be this difficult. I am considering getting the Levolor or generic brand Horizontal sheer shades (similar to the Hunter Douglas Silhouette) to cover the bottom portion of an arch window (and 2 other windows in the space). My question is are partially recessed blinds acceptable and if so, how much can it extend before it is not acceptable? I know that fully recessed blinds (at least the type we are looking at currently) are not really an option with our particular window because we have a depth of ~2 1/8" to work with. I REALLY prefer the look of the 3" shade but then it would extend beyond the window by ~1" or more depending upon how we mount (we are considering a Palladian shelf). Our window sill is 4" so at least it wouldn't extend beyond that but I'm trying to figure out if this is a big no no.....

If it is an overwhelming "no" I'll go back to the drawing board and either consider the 2" or cellular shade instead. I felt like the 3" looked more modern and went better with our remodeled area.

Thanks for your advice as always!

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