Suggestions related to new kitchen countertops and open area below

Pat A
last month

Hi. I’m looking for suggestions for two areas in my kitchen:

(1) The open space between the cabinets. A trash compactor was originally here, but now it contains two waste baskets for our paper and plastic recyclables. I have looked into putting a pull-out cabinet here (that would hold the two waste baskets), but the existing cabinets can’t be matched, so it would be very costly to have a cabinet custom built. (We’re not wine drinkers, so rule out something to keep wine in!)

(2) The low counter, and space underneath, at the end. Currently I use this counter for all sorts of odds and ends that are frequently used. Underneath is where we keep all the bottles of sparking water we always have on hand, and a large bin for the returnable bottles. We will be having new countertops put in, so I need to decide to keep this as is (with the separate, lower countertop), or to have one countertop that just extends to the end. The kitchen is large, with lots of counter space. I kinda like the separate counter, but would like suggestions as to what type of organizer I could use to hold, and hide, the “stuff”. I’m having trouble imagining how the area would look with one extended countertop, and then the high, open space underneath. I thought maybe some separate “stand alone” cabinet could be placed in the space, but I’m not finding anything that I think would work. Suggestions on what to do with this area, including the countertop, would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Please don’t judge me because of the clutter. I’m one of those people who covers every flat surface, but everything kept where it can’t be seen (drawers, cabinets, closets, etc.) is totally neat and organized. I’m currently doing my best to declutter and get organized. Also, the hideous kitchen floor will soon be replaced. 🙂

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