Cortona Mission Collection Thatch Brown LVP Floor Pics?

4 months ago

Has anyone installed the Cortona Mission Collection Thatch Brown LVP floor? Can you send me pictures if you have? I've seen the pics on the company's website, but I'm looking for realistic pics not professional, photoshopped ones. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger and order, but just wanted to double check if there are any photos out there for me to see. Thank you!

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  • R C
    4 months ago

    Did you find any real install pics of the Cortona? I think I’ve decided on their color Wild Mustang, but I’d love to see of it installed too. can you share how much your paying for it per sq ft? (Installed or not). Also, do you have stairs that you’re going to put it on?

  • jufisher
    10 days ago

    Did you end up going with Wild Mustang? We are thinking about this one, but also like Pottery Wheel. Would love to see pix if you went with it!