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My sketchy Norway Spruce - to prune or not to prune.. yada yada

3 years ago

I put this in the ground last spring as balled and burlapped 'overwintered in a pile of wood chips' discount plant. It seems to be generally healthy (no needle drop) but somewhat misshapen. It has a decent amount of new growth about to flush out (another very healthy deep green one 15' away doesn't yet though, if that's of interest). But it's pretty top-heavy and I think it has some leader issues.

Wondering if I should touch it or give it breathing room. The 'leader', which isn't the original leader, but is more of the branch that I'm hoping would take over, doesn't have any light green new growth - it has more of a hard bud that... idk... maybe a cone? Or maybe just a delayed growth? While the lower branch that does have green new growth has turned dramatically upward, and I'd rather it not try to take over the leader, and wondering if I should pinch it back?

It's not going to be a christmas tree, and I'm OK if it's not pristine... I want it to get big over time and am only concerned that it maintain a healthy single leader.

Hopefully the background in the pics isn't too noisy to obscure the details:

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