Z6a A big clematis to train up an oak tree and not die to ground

Gregg z6a-CT
last month
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I wanted to try training a clematis up an oak tree that is about a 30" dia straight bare trunk for about 40' high. I've read about how to get it started etc. and think it's doable.

But I don't know much about clematis types. I'd like it to get as large as possible, or maybe just up to 10' range so I can prune it from a ladder and clean it up each year to help blooming. '

I'd imagine the ones that die back to the ground each year won't get that big, plus I'd have to re-train them every year. Not sure if it's my zone, or just that they all do this?

So is there a type that either grows furiously from the ground to 10' every year, or preferably the woody stems survive overwinter and can maintain the structure around the tree so I don't have to retrain it each year - just prune it back and clean it up back to bigger stems?

Anyway just looking for suggestions!

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