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What salad greens do I have?

These are all salad greens, but I don't know which they are ... maybe you all can help me identify them?

Plant list for the source lists: arugula, bok choi, chard, collards, escarole, frills spicy mustard, kale, mizuna, radicchio, red leaf and green leaf lettuces, romaine, southern green giant mustard, spinach, tatsoi

1. Maybe a mustard based on taste

2. ?

3. Frills? (I think the one next to 1 is the same thing but green instead of red)

4. I think red leaf

5. I think green leaf

6. ?

7. Mild flavor, not spinach

I know I can buy them by appearance in person if I'm getting plants, but if I want to order them, I need to know what they are.


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