Just another Covid gardening year

prairie_northrose (3b north of Calgary AB, Canada)
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

It finally feels like spring around here & I’m looking forward to getting back into the garden. I’m happy I planted these cheerful and petite snow crocus.

This will mostly be a tidying up/organizing year. Now that I’ve had a few years to see how tall some perennials grow, it makes sense to shuffle a few around. Also a good opportunity for me to tend to some favourite sedums like Sedum Angelina and ground covers such as Wooly Thyme, to help encourage them to flourish.

Will be giving cantaloupe Petit Gris a try again. Also the never ending battle with quack grass continues. For seeds, I started some rudbeckia Autumn Shades, Halo Apricot hollyhocks & giving the blue meconopsis Lingholm poppy a try again.

What are everyone’s gardening plans for this year? Feel free to share!

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