Susan or LeMans (or IKEA insert) corners in small 9 x 13 U kitchen

3 months ago

I have pretty much finalized my layout and am now working on the final details of my plan. I have two large passthrough windows and that eliminates lots of upper cupboards, so( I need to have effective storage in my lower cabinets. Right now in my plan I have a susan type thing in one of the two corners and a leMans type device in the other.

I have to say a couple years ago we rented a place with a typical lazy susan, and I hated it because stuff fell off). I have researched and thought through all of the other corner options for my kitchen but have eliminated them for various reasons, so a susan of some sort is what I will have to live with.

We are retired and getting older by the day, so I need to have an option that works for aging and where I won't have to be crawling around on my belly trying to reach in to retrieve things. There are only two of us living here and we're only here six months of the year, so I want something sturdy but don't know if I need to get the high buck premium inserts that can hold up to a large family with lots of kids who would be hard on the device.

Initially I was planning do do an IKEA cabinet kitchen but am moving away from that idea as the pandemic and supply chain issues with getting cabinetry drag on. I think I will instead probably just spend more money and get true, custom-built cabinets that are sized exactly to my space. Deciding to take this route rather than going with IKEA opens up some options for me because I don't need to design to fit their cabinets and accessories in my space.

Would you do one of each corner device or just stick with one style corner device? Should I just buy the IKEA pull-out corner device to have the carpenter install, or should I spend about four times the price on the more expensive leMans devices? What about a susan for the corner? What type to get and where to get it? I've read that the pole-less give more storage space but are more expensive and mean one of those hinged doors. What do you suggest for someone who is choosing between these two types of inserts?


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