Anyone growing JJ Rhapsody?

5 months ago

Rhapsody is a JJ's mini; I picked up a three tip plant last summer at Lowes here in FL. If you are growing it or have grown it, I'd love to hear your experience.

So far it is perhaps the most unique plumeria I've grown. It didn't go dormant this winter and in fact put out her first inflo, from scratch, in the middle of winter. The flowers weren't half bad; expectations are very low in this sort of scenario. The leaves are narrow and rather thick on this variety.

Now, it is putting out new inflos on the other two tips. I know this part isn't terribly crazy, but at the same time I haven't had another variety that bloomed on all tips in less than the first year. Honestly most all of my JJ varieties spend the first year or two growing like crazy before blooming begins in earnest.

This part I haven't see before and I'm not actually sure why/what is happening yet, but many of the leaf scars within the first 2-3 inches of each tip are swelling up and turning into branches. There is no trauma whatsoever on the tips that would normally lead this this (I've seen a little bit of this sort of thing when black tip or other damage is involved.). I

I am not sure if these will develop into full fledged branches and if they do I'm not sure if they'll be viable or something I want to remove. (Thinking of those weird branches that in rare cases will form from an inflo.) I have seen a couple of plumeria growing before that had an abnormal number of mature branches from a single point (well above the 3 or 4 that is the normal max)... wondering this this sort of thing is the origin of that.

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