Bloodgood Maple growth slow

Dana McGyver
6 months ago

I have a Bloodgood maple planted in the middle of my circular driveway ( full sun) in a space about 10' around. I intended for it to get 15-20' eventually It was planted before the driveway was poured. The tree was in a 10 gal pot I think - hole was dug with a backhoe and the soil amended at the time with mulch. That was fall of 2016. The tree has some Euonymus and grasses planted around the base of it as well. It has grown fuller but not much taller maybe only 3-4'. It is now only about 8'-9' tall. Wondering if the other plants could be stealing it's nutrients? Should I prune the top of it and/or cut some of the lower branches off?

Thoughts from anyone with similar issues?

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