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Floors...hardwood, engineered, or LVP?

Alli Bernstein
2 years ago

Hi! Doing a complete home renovation and we just learned that after knocking down a wall between the kitchen and dining room there’s no way to match the current hard wood floors. I honestly didn’t love the color, but would have lived with it if we were able to easily match it. We have the option to fill in needed flooring with unfinished oak and redo all of the floors, but that will be extremely costly and time consuming. Now that we need to replace the flooring, we have some decisions to make, and I am completely overwhelmed with all of the options. We have a large dog and two kids, and I need some thing that is durable, beautiful, and scratch resistant. I have done a lot of research on the differences between wood engineered wood and LVP, and everywhere you turn there are different opinions as to what will be the most durable and beautiful over time. In our last home we had Bruce Dundee wood flooring with a high gloss that has worn well with the exception of dog scratches throughout the gloss (we have only had the dog for a year so not a good sign that it is completely scratched). I don’t think high-gloss is the way to go if we do wood floors. I also like the look of wide plank dark colors, and worry about scratches on them as well. Bruce has a new brand of engineered wood flooring that looks promising and is waterproof but I really don’t know anything about it. Can anyone offer some advice? Don’t need to stay with Bruce or any other brand, just need some guidance and thoughts from people who either have floors with dogs or are pros who have some experience. Thank you!!!

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