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Ideas Sought for Post Pandemic Dinner Party Gift

3 years ago

in three days we are having our first non family dinner party since the pandemic started. All fully vaccinated, we will be four couples (8 ppl)—and this is the exact same group we had for dinner in February 2020 just before the pandemic. They were the first people we entertained in our new home and I thought it would be fun to see the same people and compare stories. We’ve seen them all at a distance, on the golf course or at an outdoor lunch at the club but this is the first time we will have sat down with them in over a year.

I would like to commemorate the occasion with a small gift for everyone to take home. Normally I am opposed to most adult “party favors” even at weddings as I think they can cheapen an occasion iykwim. But as with all rules there are exceptions 🙄 I’d like to do something but after selecting the menu and ordering provisions I have decision fatigue. Also we have been at the beach for four days and I find it is not very conducive to decision making either! Help, GW.... ⛱

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