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Spring Fling 2021 Recap

Nancy RW (zone 7)
last year
last modified: last year

It was amazing. I know Dawn was on our minds, so it was poignant. What it did to me was that it caused me to realize how temporary life is and I was filled with love for all the friends who came. It was just a lovely time. I'm grateful for every one of you. It's kind of sad there isn't time to visit with everyone in more depth. Bruce worked his TUSH off with his gallant and gracious hospitality! Megan helped with the fish fry and probably other stuff. I'm sure others helped a lot--I was not one of them. I was a slackard.

Moni was firing on all cylinders, but she finally hired a photographer and passed that responsibility on to Lilly (Lilly?), who had the camera aimed at someone every time I turned around. I have a picture of Kim here and it must have been the only time during our get-together than she WASN'T smiling.

Carol and the desserts. OH MY GOSH!

God bless you all dear dear people--and good to meet you, Regina! Here are a few photos, but they're not good, and I know Moni has a slew of photos.

Bob, Amy, Lori, Jen.

Keegan and Lilly (Lilly?)

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