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Why is my Kumquat dropping it’s new growth?

Hi everyone. This is my first post on here. I purchased a Kumquat tree last summer and have had a lot of growth. At one point I had some yellowing leaves but got that taken care of with some fertilize.

My problem now is, it has never held fruit (its blossomed countless times) and the free will start to grow a ton of new growth all over the plant. it will blossom start growing all over and then the blossoms stay but the new twigs and leaves fall off. I can just poke them and they pop off. After, the blossoms fall off as well.

I have a supplemented light that is on a timer for 12 hours a day, I use a moisture meter and deeply water only when the level is between a 2-3. I have a humidifier that keeps the humidity at 50%.

I feel like I have tried everything. The pot is probably slightly too big. And I think I may have to change the soil. I started in a very small pot with standard garden soil. Since then I’ve replanted with citrus soil but did not remove the original solid from the roots. I did treat the plant for spider mites also. You can see the marks on the leaves from them.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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