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Would you live with this layout or know how to change it?

Anya S
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hi! I am new to Houzz. We are under contract for a house that is in a desirable area of San Diego, but is a funky layout. I think it will work for us but I am concerned about resale. Our area has both cheaper homes that are "tear downs" and more expensive homes that are brand new. This one is in the middle price-wise and condition-wise and therefore works for us (but hard to find comps). Due to the Covid situation there are almost no options right now. We do not plan to sell for a while, but in case we have to for some reason, would you personally like this layout? Anything you would change as you live there? Unlike some other houses we've been outbid on so far that had many offers, this one only got two and the other offer was below ours.

I also posted a separate comment on "kitchens" about whether I can move some things around more specifically.

View is from living room to kitchen area.

Thank you!

** Edited to remove the photos since we have decided not to proceed with buying the place.

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