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Taj Mahal Quartzite - Opinions on our Counter Top Selection?

Piney Jim
3 years ago

After a lenthy search, including some very cool & bold quartzite stones (Blue Peak, Fusion, Santorini), we chickend out and went for a more neutral stone., Taj Mahal Quartzite. We've heard Taj is one of the hardest stones, very durable and stain resistant. In fact, these particular slabs (we need 3) are so hard, our fabricator will not miter the edges of our island. A portion of these tops will be used outside our kitchen window as a bar top. The 3 slabs we need are on hold but we've not yet put down a deposit which we'll need to do very soon. Before we plop down the cash, were hoping ya'll can chime in with your opinions, thoughts, experiences with Taj Mahal. Thanks to @Joseph Corlett, LLC & @karin_mt for past input.

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