How to seal up a leaky tube

I have one of these controllers in the back yard that's attached directly to a spigot, and it works great. In the front yard, though, I'm having a different experience...

I'm using Raindrip 061050 5/8" poly drip tubing... a mistake that I see NOW since everything seems to be designed for 1/2", but I'm too far in it now to go back.

I ran tubing from a spigot to the side of my front porch. The reason for this is:

1) the spigot is a few inches from the ground so a controller won't fit; and

2) I have 2 controllers and a garden hose that will all be connected to the same spigot, so it's better to have the controllers in a more accessible area that's not right on top of the spigot.

I drilled a 3/4" hole in the porch frame, then used elbow connectors to position everything to where I need it.

The problem I'm having is that this ONE elbow leaks when I turn on the water!

Nothing else leaks, so I suspect the problem is the weight of the controller. But the water spews out from the bottom of where the top tube meets the elbow, and I would think that if it were an issue of weight then it would come from the top?

This is the controller:


The shipping weight was 1.26lbs, so assume it's somewhere around 1lb total.

I used Loctite All Purpose 2-in-1 Seal & Bond on the elbow a little over 24 hours ago (I put a ton of it around both ends of the elbow before pushing it in to the tube, then wiped off the excess and smoothed it around with my finger), but it's still spewing out.

I just now tried using hose clamps, too, but it still spewed out... I was afraid to tighten them any further for fear that I was gonna crack the elbows.

My only thought... the spew coming out is white, so maybe I need to let the Loctite dry longer?

Any other suggestions before I potentially waste several days?

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