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Rose Selection Zone 6b

I had 50+ roses in my Southern California garden, but moved to Central PA zone 6b

I like own root roses with great scent and continuous bloom.

I have space along the south side of the house that is full sun and some partial sun spaces where I thought I would try a few shade tolerant roses.

Has anyone grown any of the following roses in zone 6b? If so, can you tell me your experience?

L.D. Braithwaite David Austin - Shade tolerant

The Fairy Polyantha - Shade tolerant - no fragrance

Lyda Rose Shrub - Shade Tolerant

Compassion English Legend

Oranges 'n' Lemons Shrub - moderate fragrance

Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea

Tower Bridge English Legend

Princess Elise Shrub

Electron Hybrid Tea

Big Purple Hybrid Tea

Margaret Merrill English Legend

Deep Secret Hybrid Tea

Velvet Fragrance Hybrid Tea

Alec's Red Hybrid Tea

Queen Bee Buck Hardy

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