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Mealy bugs in my stirng of pearls! :-((( Best way to get rid of them?

2 years ago


My sting of pearls came from Lowes back in Oct. I repotted it immediately because we all know the horrible soil they come with. Soggy!

I tried to get it all off, and replanted in a fast draining mix.

Since then, I've had trouble keeping them plump. It's grown like crazy and even bloomed though.

I noticed last night it has Mealy bugs! White cotton patches!

It has been hanging on my curtain rod, and not sitting next to anything else. So could they have been on the plant when I got it and I missed them??

Alot of the strings will need re planted/ rooted. They are dried at the surface . I've had a hard time finding a good happy medium for water regimen.

I'm thinking replant, in new mix and inspect them all 1 at a time.

Or... is there a better way?

For now it's been put in time out, outside on my clothes line. lol


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